phil collins discography #1 face value

Phil Collins Discography, il racconto musicale di  un grande artista in 8 CD doppi su TuttosportStore.

CD 1 Face Values

  • In the air tonight
  • This must be love
  • Behind the lines
  • The roof is leaking
  • Droned
  • Hand in Hand
  • I missed again
  • You know what i mean
  • Thunder and lightning
  • I'm not moving
  • If leaving me is easy
  • Tomorrow never knows

CD 2 Extra Values

  • Misunderstanding (live)
  •  If leaving me is easy (live)
  • In the air tonight (live)
  • Behind the lines (live)
  • The roof is leaking (demo)
  • Hand in hand (live)
  • I missed again (live)
  • ...And so to F (live)
  • This must be love (demo)
  • Please don't ask (demo)
  • Misunderstanding (demo)
  • Against the odds (demo)
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