phil collins discography #5 both sides

Phil Collins Discography, il racconto musicale di  un grande artista in 8 CD doppi su TuttosportStore.

Il quinto cd presenta rarità inedite e live che ripercorrono la fantastica carriera di Phil Collins.

CD 1 Both sides

  • Both sides of the story
  • Can't turn back the years
  • Everyday
  • I've forgotten everything
  • We're dons of our fathers
  • Can't find my way
  • Survivors
  • We fly so close
  • There's a place for us
  • We wait and we wonder
  • Father to son
  • Please come out tonight

CD 2 Extra Sides

  • Take she with you
  • Both sides of the storm (live)
  • Can't turn back the years (live)
  • Survivors (live)
  • Everyday (live)
  • We wait and we wonder (live)
  • Can't find my way (demo)
  • I've been trying
  • Both sides of the story (Unplugged)
  • Hero (demo)
Price: €12.99